Founded London 1970

Private Adviser in Impressionist & 20th Century Art


I worked as an expert in Sotheby's Impressionist & 20th Century department before becoming an independent art adviser in 1970.
During the past forty-five years, I have concentrated on Impressionist and 20th Century art – advising private clients on acquisition, sale, valuation, conservation, research and framing. And the loan of works to prestigious museums and exhibitions.
I work with artists’ and collectors’ estates including the Rouault Foundation; the Paul Alexandre collection of Modigliani paintings and drawings; and the Albert Houthuesen Trust. And have arranged many exhibitions including one-man shows of Bonnard, Modigliani, Rouault and Sisley.
As indicated in the section below of ‘Handled Works’, I also advise on the sale of exceptional works and collections in other fields.  [See: Constable, Turner, Samuel Palmer, whose masterpiece The Shearers is now hanging, on loan, in the Metropolitan Museum, New York. Also the unique collection of 139 Kimonos from the Montgomery Collection of Japanese Folk Art].





Richard Nathanson advises members of the family of Paul Alexandre, Modigliani's most important patron before 1914.

The Unknown Modigliani, the major monograph on Modigliani’s pre-1914 drawings by Noël Alexandre, Paul's youngest son, is dedicated to:

To my friend Richard Nathanson whose enthusiasm and artistic sensibility have encouraged me to publish this account.


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·         Bacon

·         Bonnard

·         Boudin

·         Braque

·         Cezanne

·         Chagall

·         Constable

·         Corot

·         Courbet

·         Degas

·         Delacroix

·         Diaz

·         Dubuffet

·         Gauguin

·         Jongkind

·         Laurens

·         Manet

·         Marini

·         Marquet

·         Matisse

·         Modigliani

·         Moore

·         Palmer

·         Permeke

·         Picasso

·         Pissarro

·         Redon

·         Renoir

·         Rodin

·         Rouault


·         Schiele

·         Schueler

·         Segal

·         Seurat

·         Sisley

·         Tchelitchew

·         Toulouse-Lautrec

·         Turner

·         Van Dongen

Please click here to view a small selection of the kimonos sold from the Montgomery Collection of Japanese Folk Art


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Albert Houthuesen

Richard Nathanson exclusively represents the  Houthuesen estate. And is preparing the artist’s catalogue raisonné with his daughter, Susannah.  His recently published biography on Houthuesen is available from him.


To view Houthuesen’s work over sixty years and the BBC film on his life, click on:



I suspect that Houthuesen will come to be seen as one of the great figures in post-World War 11 Western Art.


Souren Melikian, International Herald Tribune 9.10.10





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